Thinking that it might be time for a change of scenery? If you’re ready to start a new life in a new Canadian city, then you should definitely check out the list of the best communities in Canada from Maclean’s. This year’s list ranks 415 communities nationwide and has a few changes from previous years. Let’s check it out!

The main difference this year is that Maclean’s is assuming that remote work is here to stay. So, they took out the local economy categories, and replaced them with internet access. They also simplified a couple of things, like combining rent and housing affordability, since the two are usually correlated.

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top communities in canada

As for the methodology, Maclean’s used nine factors: housing, taxes, crime, weather, health, amenities, population growth, community involvement, and internet. They’ve got their own weighting system but included scales if you think that weather is maybe less important than population, for example.

top communities in canada

And, according to them, Atlantic Canada is the place to be for the best communities in Canada. Meanwhile, no BC communities made it on the top 10, which is a bit of a surprise.

What do you think, folks? Was it a hit or miss? If you’d like to check out the rankings in full for yourself, just click here!