We guess that waiting for ridesharing for like 5 years made us extra grateful when it actually came along. A new report from the rideshare company Lyft has named Vancouver the most generous city in all of Canada, and one of the most generous in North America. Nice, we’re happy to hear it!

In a blog post, Lyft shared some of the highlights for the company this year. And, alongside the usual news (COVID usual, that is), they also shared data about offering free rides to polling stations for elections. Like the one in BC earlier this fall!

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But, we’re most interested in who else is tipping well this year. The other 3 cities included on the list were Portland, Honolulu, and Salt Lake City. We’re trying to make sense of what unites these cities in their tipping, but we’re really coming up blank.

If you’d like the checkout Lyft’s year-end roundup in full, just click here. It is interesting to see a full rundown of ‘progressive’ companies responding to this year’s zaniness.