Outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve got exciting news. Ontario Nature is making big moves to expand the incredible Lost Bay Nature Reserve.

This expansion will be 50 acres in total and aims to protect precious habitats in the Frontenac Arch region.

The Lost Bay Nature Reserve is a haven of natural beauty with a diverse range of upland forests and treed swamps.

It’s home to an incredible array of wildlife, including 24 at-risk species and 16 provincially rare species.

Among them are the cerulean warbler, eastern whip-poor-will, and Blanding’s turtle.

The area has even been named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve for its impressive biodiversity, especially when it comes to birds, reptiles, and plants.

Jakob Mueller of the Ottawa Field Naturalists rightly describes this place as a treasure trove of unique wildlife. Preserving this exceptional habitat is crucial.

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Situated near four Provincially Significant Wetlands within a three-kilometer radius, this expanded parcel ensures a vital connection for wildlife movement.

This expansion would not only increase the resilience of the existing nature reserve but also contribute to the creation of a continuous, connected protected habitat corridor.

It’s like adding another puzzle piece to ensure the preservation of intact habitats.

Kudos to Ontario Nature for their efforts to expand the Lost Bay Nature Reserve, protect vulnerable species, and help this important ecosystem thrive.

It’s a win for wildlife and a win for future generations to enjoy the wonders of nature.