These aren’t the kids’ shows you remember – they’re so much more!

Lopii Productions have made a name for themselves by creating engaging, inclusive, and empowering children’s content that’s committed to representing diverse experiences and having fun. 

You may remember hearing about them for the show Bestest Day Ever With My Best Friend,  and the 2023 Shaw Rocket Fund Kids’ Choice Award winner for The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy, well they’re back with another series that’s sure to win your heart and inspire your kids!

Dream It To Be It

This new show from Lopii Productions is intended for kids aged 6-9. Every episode encourages children of all abilities to explore options for their future, learn what it takes, and realize that their dreams and passions are possible. The show is hosted by Tai Young, a 19-year-old competitive medal winning wheelchair racer and an activist for those living with disabilities.

We were lucky enough to interview Tai to hear about his journey and role in the upcoming children’s show Dream It To Be It.

Lopii Productions
Photo via Lopii Productions

Q: How has your career shaped your journey to becoming the TV host for this show?

A: My experiences have all given me a wide range of opportunities and experience. I don’t believe that I have one designated thing that is uniquely mine, but rather, I embrace the mix of activities I have been able to try. 

Taking risks and putting myself out there has allowed me to follow a fluid path, which led me into TV and film, kickstarting my career. On the show, I am able to find my own sense of fun and enjoyment within every one of the kids’ dreams, and it is so special to be a part of their incredible journeys.

Lopii Productions
Photo via Lopii Productions

Q: How do you think your athletic background helped you in your role on the ‘Dream It to Be It’ show?

A: My experiences in wheelchair racing have allowed me to stay active and healthy. This is important because it has helped me build my own foundations and feel more independent in my daily life, leading to more and more opportunities, just like this show!

Q: What can viewers look forward to? Are there any highlights or memorable moments you’d like to share?

A: Viewers can expect a vibrant collection of dreams and some of the most inspiring kids vying to try new activities and expand their experiences. I had so much fun on every single episode, and I can’t wait for the world to see our adventures. 

My favourite moments on the show were the wind-down conversations with the kids at the end of each episode. It was so beautiful to watch as they reflected on their day and how their newfound fun has helped them get one step closer to their dreams and futures! 

Lopii Productions
Photo via Lopii Productions

Q: In your opinion, what makes this show a must-watch?

A: Our show is super unique because it tells stories featuring a very diverse group of kids, all with different dreams. The show provides kids a chance to follow their dreams and goals with a whole new activity and journey every episode. 

I hope that everyone watching will be able to find their own inspiration and witness the pure joy that comes from doing something that you love. 

Lopii Productions
Photo via Lopii Productions

Q: What message do you hope kids watching will take away?

A: I hope that all of the kids watching get to learn that they are capable of achieving whatever dream they have, no matter the journey it takes to get there. 

It is very important to have fun, play and do all of the things you love. Taking risks and trying things can be a fantastic way to enrich your life, and you never know what you might learn to love.

Catch this show on TVOkids channels, airing now.


Lopii Productions Inc. is dedicated to producing shows that are high quality, inclusive, and representative of all kids. It’s their profound belief that every child deserves to see themselves on TV.