We know Seattle can be a hard place to socialize as the Seattle freeze is definitely real. But that being said, if you’re feeling alone, well, you’re not alone. In fact, Seattle just ranked 7th in the nation for most single-person households.

According to a study from Self, about 34 million adults across the country live alone. And the number of adults living alone has almost doubled in the past 50 years. So either we’re all getting a lot more independent or we’re having a harder time communicating. And its probably more than that but we’ll bet those two factors play a role.

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Anyway, if you’re single and feeling very alone during quarantine you can feel a little better knowing that you’re not the only one in the city feeling that way. And if you’re curious about who’s worse off than we are, we recommend you read the study by clicking here.

But that being said, the end of quarantine is in sight and we can all remain strong. And if you’re feeling down about not seeing people, consider face-timing a friend or going for a walk in the socially distanced vicinity of others. But either way, stay strong Seattle, we’ve got this.