If you’re a tea lover, chances are you’ve indulged in a London Fog or two. And if you haven’t yet – Vancouver happens to be the birthplace of the popular foamy tea beverage, so your chances of trying one that’s top-tier couldn’t be higher!

Believe it or not, the famed drink was born out of a pregnancy craving…

In the mid-90s, Mary Loria went to her favourite local cafe (Buckwheat Cafe) and ordered the first-ever London Fog (Earl Grey tea, vanilla flavouring, raw honey, and milk) – a beverage of her very own creation. She liked it so much, that she began ordering it at other cafes around Vancouver, recommending it to others.

Flash forward to the present day, and tea lovers can sip on a warm London Fog throughout the Pacific Northwest and West Coast, with a variety of ingredient substitutes available. Just goes to show how far you can go with a craving and determination!

So with that in mind, here are some of the best spots for a London Fog you’ll find around Vancouver.

Le Marché St. George

Le Marché is a popular destination for traditional French pastries, Croque Monsieur, and other comfort food, but its London Fog and citrusy Paris Fog deserve recognition of their own. The next time you’re craving a decadent tea latte, you’ll definitely want to spend some time on their corner patio with a good book, and a cuppa London or Paris Fog.

Where: 4393 St. George Street

Foglifter Coffee Roasters

After over 20 years in the retail coffee space at Bean Around the World, these coffee roasters decided to branch out into their own family-run business, and while their locally sourced coffee game is strong, we dare to say that their London Fog game might be even stronger.

Locations: 3590 Main Street (flagship cafe)

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The Federal Store

A quaint luncheonette and grocer slash cafe, The Federal Store really does it all. The plant-adorned spot nestled between Quebec and Main is known for its amazing selection of house-baked cakes. Honey Cardamom Buttercream, Rose Milk Chocolate, and Roasted Strawberry Cake are just the tip of the delicious iceberg, and what could possibly go better with that than a delicious London Fog?

Where: 2601 Quebec Street

Nero Waffles


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For a fun spin on the classic beverage, head to Nero Waffles for some sweet (or savoury) waffles and a London Fog Lavender Latte. We promise you won’t regret it!

Where: 1703 Robson Street

Incognito Coffee

Located inside the VSO School of Music, Incognito is a staple for both tea lattes and espresso beverages alike, as well as open-faced sandwiches and pastries to fuel your day, wherever that may lead.

Where: 843 Seymour Street

The Mighty Oak

Chances are if you live between South Cambie and Main, you’ve already passed by this neighbourhood cafe and grocery store hundreds of times. For those who have not yet been inside, take it from us—it’s a really cute setup!

Patio seating, hanging plants, fresh pastries, and delicious espresso beverages for every palate. Their London Fogs are a staple, if you ask us, though their seasonal rotations add an extra level to your beverage experience.

Where: 198 West 18th Avenue

Kahve Vancouver 

Known for its light, airy space and tasty espresso drinks, Kahve in Kitsilano is a one-stop shop for a casual catch-up and tasty snack or meal on the go. And their London Fogs are among the most highly reviewed on Yelp!

Where: 1822 West 1st Avenue

So there you have it, Vancouver! Whether you’re just starting out your London Fog journey or are a seasoned pro, consider this list a great jumping-off point.