Ready to explore some of BC’s most unique ancient caves? Situated in the northern half of Vancouver Island in the Nimpkish Valley, Little Huson Lake Cave Park has 15 limestone caves to explore, and one of them even has an underground creek. Best of all? You don’t need to be an expert caver to check out this natural wonder!

The cave park is centred on the Atluck Creek Canyon, which features a natural bridge and a large “cathedral” cave entrance, according to the Regional District of Mount Waddington. Here, an underground creek flows for 60 metres, leading to many of the other 15 caves through joint-controlled passages.

All exposed bedrock is considered Quatsino Formation limestone, which extends to a depth of 300 metres at this regional park.

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little huson cave park bc
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And if you’d prefer to visit some lake caves, head across the natural land bridge and stairway from the east of Atluck Creek to Little Huson Lake. Here, you’ll find a variety of lake caves, including “River” Cave, Shelter Cave, and Bridge Cave, the latter of which leads to a collapsed rock bridge.

Otherwise, you can follow a forest trail from the parking lot to a viewing platform, where you can see the unique rock bridge and clear green pools. When making your way along the riverbank, you’ll come across all of the caves listed above.

Location & info

The park is located about 9 km off of the Island Highway, (Highway 19). Visitors can access the caves via the Zeballos turn-off just north of Woss, where signage will guide you through a gravel logging road to the parking lot.

So there you have it, BC! If you’re looking for the perfect cave to explore with minimal experience – no special equipment or knowledge is necessary here. Little Huson is your oyster!

Little Huson Cave Park

Where: 9 km off of Highway 19, Nimpkish Valley

Information on Little Huson Caves is from the Regional District of Mount Waddington and is accurate as of publication date.