With the current housing market, there are tons of myths that get thrown around about what is and isn’t possible, when it comes to custom home building. We even found ourselves falling for some of these myths.

If you’re a home-lover like us, Linwood Homes’ Insta account is a must-see. Their work is seriously impressive! We’ve pinned tons of their pics to our dream home inspo boards, but never seriously considered that we could actually afford to build one of their homes!

Curiosity led us to their website, and it hit us: our perception of custom-built homes might have been way off. So we got in touch with the folks at Linwood Homes for a little chat. 

As it turns out, like many others, we had serious misconceptions about custom homes. Linwood Homes helped us debunk these myths – after all, with over five decades of expertise, they’ve mastered the art of making customers’ dream homes come to life. Whether it’s a cozy cabin, a grand 10-bedroom mansion – or anything in between.

Anyway, below are five of the many myths about custom homes that they helped us debunk. Take a peek—

Debunking common myths about building a custom home
Photo courtesy of Linwood Homes

Myth #1: Building a custom home is overly complex.

Fact: Sure, custom home-building involves numerous decisions. However, there is a non-intimidating way of making these decisions. That’s where a trustworthy builder like Linwood Homes comes into the picture. With their expertise, they’ll know the right questions to ask, and guide you through selections. Once your preferences are clear, they will even narrow down choices for you, and provide valuable assistance. Basically, they will simplify the whole process for you – without much effort on your part!

Myth #2: Custom homes are only for the wealthy.

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, custom homes come in various price ranges and can accommodate different budgets. Getting your home custom-built gives you more control over choices about materials, size and features, all of which impact the price of the house. Moreover, opting for an energy-efficient design can save on utility bills and increase resale value, making it a win-win situation.

Myth #3: I must already own a lot for a custom home.

Fact: You don’t need to own a lot beforehand. Your builder can help find the perfect lot for your dream home if you don’t already own land. Discussing your home vision with your builder before purchasing a lot can prevent disappointment and even save you money. A reputed builder like Linwood Homes can help you assess essential factors like slope, view, tree placement, orientation, etc. ensuring the site suits your custom home requirements.

Myth #4: I can only choose from available floor plans

Fact: One of the perks of working with an experienced builder like Linwood Homes is that you can browse through hundreds of designs. What makes it even better is that you can further customize any plan you like. The floor plans are essentially a place to start. During the design phase, there’s room for various changes, such as room additions, redesigned layouts, personalized touches for principal suites and more.

Myth #5: Design and architectural expertise are necessary for custom homes

Fact: If you already have a design in mind, great!  If you don’t – there’s still nothing to worry about! You don’t need design or architectural knowledge when buying a custom home. Your builder and architect will handle the big-picture design, while interior designers can help with smaller details and furnishings. Some design-build firms can handle the entire design process, avoiding a mix of styles in your home.

There you have it folks, debunked myths that actually reveal the many benefits of custom-built homes. Plus, with the guidance of experienced builders like Linwood Homes, the process definitely becomes simpler. Head over to their website below to learn more about Linwood, their process, or simply to browse through their beautiful designs!