Last night was an exciting one for hockey fans as the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted their first home opener with a packed arena since the pandemic started. With capacity restrictions now lifted for sporting events in Ontario, nearly every seat was filled at Wednesday’s game. But according to the viewers at home, the crowd’s low energy didn’t match the occasion.

Despite the Leafs kicking the season off on a high note with a 2-1 win over their Montreal rivals, Toronto fans are getting called out on social media for their lack of enthusiasm. Some even say that the Habs fans’ cheers were louder than the home team’s supporters.

Masks are still mandatory for fans in their seats unless they’re eating or drinking, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that their face coverings muffled their cheers. Nevertheless, the silence was a disappointment for many.

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People have even taken their complaints to the Leafs’ Instagram comments on a photo of Wednesday’s packed arena. “By the sound of it the building is still empty,” one person wrote. “Someone want to wake the fans up that haven’t been there in 2 years? My god make some god damn noise. Embarrassing,” says another.

Maybe the fans are still feeling the sting of the team’s devastating 3-1 loss to the Habs in Game 7 of the playoffs, after an emotional rollercoaster of a season for the players. At least the Raptors are feeling optimistic for their fellow athletes.

It’s worth mentioning that the crowd did get louder as the game went on. We’ll chalk it up to jitters — after going at least 18 months without attending a single Leafs game, we’d forget what to do with ourselves too.