While the weather might not be perfect for it just yet, you should know that public drinking has returned to dozens of Calgary parks starting today! What’s more, last year’s pilot program has been expanded, with even more options on the menu. Let’s check it out.

First up- picnic tables. Like in 2021, Calgary has designated picnic tables around the city for public drinking, ranging from the suburbs to the downtown core. These tables can be booked in advance using the City of Calgary’s website, but are also available on a first come, first serve basis.

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But, it’s the expanded options we’re really pumped about. These include a range of ‘large picnic sites’, which include amenities like fire pits, shelters and seasonal washrooms. These are also available for first come first serve, but it should be noted that they’re often booked months in advance, due to being able to hold anywhere from 25 to hundreds of people.

And new for this year, Calgary will also allow public drinking in ‘open areas’ in 6 parks around the city. These areas will be completely available for consumption, whether you’re having a picnic on the grass or going for a stroll with a beer in hand. These parks, which will open sometime this summer, are:

  • Barb Scott Park
  • Buckmaster Park
  • Lindsay Park
  • Southview Off-Leash Area
  • Tomkins Park
  • West Baker Park

Once again, the sites will be available for drinking between 11AM-9PM daily, and will be clearly marked with signage so people don’t get confused. Have fun, stay safe, and see you out there with a brew in hand!