Like more than just milk and honey with your tea? Those who like to enjoy a cup of comfort with an impressive view and lungs full of fresh air should lace up their hiking boots.

Located in Banff National Park, The Lake Agnes Tea House is a waterfront establishment with over 100 different teas, familiar eats, and decadent desserts – but getting there is no walk in the park!

Adventure seekers who want to visit will have to embark on a 7-kilometre hike from Alberta’s Lake Louise.

Want to challenge yourself?

You’ll have to wait until June 4th to check it out, but you’ll need to know how to get there!

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When spring has sprung, just take the Lakeshore Trail from the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel.

Keep your eye out for the Lake Agnes Trail, then pass the Plain of Six Glaciers, cross the horse trail and continue until you see Mirror Lake.

Eventually, you’ll hit a flight of stairs, which is the last landmark before finding the house.

Once you’ve reached you’ve found your way to the enchanting destination, enjoy the view, a few cups of your favourite tea and then head back down. It makes the perfect day trip!

Happy sipping and don’t forget to stretch.

You’re in for it!

Lake Agnes Tea House, Alberta

When: Open June 4th, 2024
Where: Directions here