The sun is out, there’s still a nip in the air and we can’t imagine a better time to cozy up in one of the many Alberta hot springs, but choose wisely!

If you’re among the many who need to defrost after a long winter, we’d recommend visiting Miette, the hottest mineral pool in Wild Rose Country.

Located in Jasper National Park, this scenic destination offers a day of relaxation, and if you play your cards right, is a great place to make a memory or two.

Surrounded by snow-covered mountains and towering trees, Miette has both cold plunge areas and (of course) hot pools – which are the warmest in the province.

Photo via Parks Canada / B. Morrin

According to Travel Alberta, the natural hot springs water actually flows from the mountain at 54°C before being cooled to a comfortable temperature of 40°C (104°F) which is sure to help you wind down.

Interested? It won’t be long until you can check them out.

Miette Hot Springs is open now at $17.50 per adult.

Small bites and bottled non-alcoholic beverages are available through vending machines, but there is no cafe or restaurant on site so pack smart, have fun and don’t forget to take photos!

Happy travelling!

Miette Hot Springs, Alberta

When: May 3rd, 2024
Where: Improvement District No. 12, AB T0E 0E0