Did you know that Ontario has its very own version of Venice, Italy? Lagoon City is often hailed as the Venice of Ontario because of its stunning network of waterways.

With more than 16 kilometres of winding canals and an expansive waterfront, you’ll find that you’re never far from the water in Lagoon City.

It’s located on the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe and it’s less than two hours from downtown Toronto.

In the warmer months, this town is a playground of aquatic activities, with jet skis, pontoon boats, and all kinds of watercrafts to rent.

But for those who prefer to simply soak in the view, Lagoon City Beach is where it’s at.

It offers a front-row seat to the vast expanse of Lake Simcoe, with its sandy shores and convenient facilities.

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If the charm of Lagoon City manages to steal your heart and you want to extend your stay, you’ll want to spend a night at the Lagoon City Pier One Resort

This oasis has kayaks and bicycles for exploration, a refreshing pool, a sauna, and a full-service dining room overlooking the water.

This bustling community of 2,000 residents has tons of local shops you’ll want to support, from boutiques to restaurants to family-run businesses.

According to the town’s website, 90% of homes in the area are located on a lagoon! Have we convinced you to move out of the city yet?

So, pack your sense of adventure and leave your passport at home — Venice of the north is calling!