There’s a new treat to try at your nearest Krispy Kreme and it’s the combination we didn’t know we needed. The chain has unveiled its latest doughnut line in collaboration with Twix, including a mouthwatering creation they call a Caramel Cookie Bar Dooughnut.

The chocolate bar-doughnut hybrid is exactly what it sounds like — a long pastry that’s soft and doughy on the outside, and stuffed with Twix on the inside. It’s topped with a chocolate coating, caramel drizzle, and Twix pieces.

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The chain has released two more creations too — the Caramel Cookie Original Filled Doughnut topped with Twix and the Mini Caramel Cookie Doughnut for the folks who can’t handle all of the chocolatey goodness of a full-sized pastry.

The doughnuts are only available until March 6th, so you better not wait too long to get your dozen at your nearest Krispy Kreme!