A new but familiar face is coming to Canada’s banknotes and coins. The Prime Minister announced on May 6th that in honour of His Majesty’s Coronation, the public will soon see King Charles III on Canadian money.

Because Canada is a constitutional monarchy, the King is Canada’s new Head of State.

That means the new monarch will replace Queen Elizabeth II on Canada’s coins and $20 bills.

The Royal Canadian Mint is now designing and placing an effigy of King Charles III on Canadian circulation coins.

“Today, the government confirmed with the Bank of Canada that the late Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait on the $20 bank note will be replaced by that of His Majesty King Charles III during the next design process,” said a statement from the Prime Minister.

“The reigning monarch has appeared on Canadian bank notes since the Bank of Canada began production in 1935.”

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It looks like the tradition will continue now that a new monarch has been crowned, but it will be a while before we see King Charles III on Canadian money.

Canadians will get to see the design of the new effigy for circulation coins in the coming months.

However, the process of updating the $20 bill will take a few years.

During Ottawa’s coronation celebration on May 6th, the federal government also unveiled a new Royal Crown, Royal Flag, Canadian stamp, and collector coins in honour of His Majesty’s Coronation.

The stamp was revealed by Canada Post and the collector coins were released by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The new Canadian Royal Crown “incorporates uniquely Canadian elements” and was even approved by His Majesty the King.

It looks like His Majesty is getting the royal treatment here in the north!