Let’s be honest— despite our love and deemed knowledge, cannabis shopping is often intimidating and confusing. Whether it is for yourself or a beloved someone. But thanks to Kindling, that equation is about to change.

Kindling has launched its custom subscription box. And it’s more than your buck’s worth!

The Toronto-based cannabis brand, as we know, has become a go-to for cannabis lovers. Thanks to their exceptional and extensive collection, unparalleled quality and service and free 1-hour delivery anywhere in town. Yes, that Kindling!

Well, the brand has found yet another way to take our cannabis experience to a whole new high with their custom subscription box. This includes a selection of premium cannabis products and accessories that would cater to your (or your beloved someone’s) specific preferences.

All you have to do is take a short quiz to determine what box works best for you based on your preferred consumption style, time of day, moods you like, etc. You can even choose your frequency— if you want the box to be delivered weekly, monthly, or just once.

Kindling Cannabis Subscription Box
Photo via Kindling

There are two different options you can choose from based on box sizes. There is a $49 box which contains products worth $95. And there is a $99 box with products valued at $210+. Told ya, it’s more than your buck’s worth.

To save you more trouble, the boxes will come gift packed if you so wish.

Cherry on the cake— as is the case with all other orders (big, small and really small), the boxes are delivered free of charge.

Basically, Kindling gave the perfect and easiest way to make the cannabis lovers in your life (including yourself) very happy this holiday season and even after. So, go ahead and take the Kindling quiz (LINK BELOW).


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