We’ve got some news that’s going to get you tripping. You know Kindling? That cool dispensary on Dundas Street W that’s known for its extensive inventory of high-quality products? Well, they have made it faster and easier to get you cannabis on demand. Enter: Kindling’s cannabis delivery service.

The dispensary can now get you your cartridges, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles or whatever else you need, wherever you are. Whether you are busy wfh-ing, hanging out at the park or partying with the crew.

Kindling Cannabis Shop Offers 1 Hour Free Delivery
Photo via Kindling

But getting you cannabis on demand anywhere without battling cold weather isn’t the only perk of their delivery service. There are more reasons why the service is straight-up untouchable. And here are five of the top of our heads—

It is trackable and gets you your stuff within the hour

One of the biggest reasons why Kindling’s cannabis delivery is a popular fave is because they can hook you up with your preferred greens within an hour. Yes, Kindling offers 1-hour delivery anywhere in the City of Toronto. And of course, you can track your order. It’s like Skip the Dishes but for cannabis.

Kindling's Cannabis Delivery Boxes
Photo via Kindling

It is free with no hidden fees

When a brand promotes “free” delivery, it almost always comes with a condition, be it hidden fees, minimum purchase or something else. But that isn’t the case with Kindling. They will deliver your chosen product/s to you for no charge, with no hidden fees and no minimum order.

It is carbon-conscious

Kindling is known to be a carbon-conscious brand. And they bring their love for planet earth to everything they do, even delivery. And so, all their deliveries are made via electric cars, e-bikes and scooters.

Kindling's Cannabis Delivery man
Photo via Kindling

It lets you shop by effect

We already established that they have an extensive inventory. We don’t mean just type and strain; you’ll also find a variety of strengths. Instead of only high-THC choices, Kindling offers various potency levels, cannabinoids, and terpene profiles that bring about nuanced effects. So, you can pick your dose based on whether you need a day-long trip or just a pre-dinner cocktail equivalent.

It lets you shop by mood

Your deliveries can be just as mood-based as they are effect-based. Kindling has a whole segment of curated Collections that cater to different moods and vibes. And you can use their online Experience Guide to find cannabis products that will inspire the mood you want. So, if you’re looking for a chill night in, you can browse products that inspire calm relaxation. Ideal for anyone who hates the “what to grab” guessing game.

Family and friends enjoying time together
Photo via Kindling

It lets you speak with a live concierge online

Okay, so their Experience Guide is pretty comprehensive and will have everything you need. But just in case, you can’t make up your mind for whatever reason, Kindling also has a Concierge service. Yes, it is available both, in-store and online. You can chat with the live concierge online and get the right product, strain and strength delivered.

Frankly, with or without their delivery, Kindling continues to be a go-to for Torontonians for all their cannabis needs. But the delivery service sure makes our lives easy.

Here, check out shopkindling.ca to start curating your cannabis experience now and have it delivered free within the hour.