If there’s a hill that we’re willing to die on 100% of the time, it’s that of all the teams in the NHL, it’s the Calgary Flames whose fans can be found in the most unlikely of places.  Case and point? Well, as it turns out, one of the team’s youngest (and richest) hype people actually shares a last name (and a bank account) with THE royal family…. of reality TV.

In a photo posted by Kim Kardashian over the weekend, a nod to Calgary’s home hockey team was hidden in plain sight, causing quite a stir amongst those who bathe in the C of Red.

While most were up in arms over a photoshop scandal that we’re sure will go down in 2022 as one of the strangest, many Calgarians were, instead, fixated on the jersey worn by 3-year old Chicago West.

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In fact – despite people mulling over whether or not her cousin, True Thompson, was superimposed into the photo, the Calgary Flames themselves noticed and commented three single-fire emojis under the post promoting others to do the same.

From the outpouring of love for the vintage swag to “so proud” messages, we learned one thing – we love ‘love’. 

It really doesn’t matter where it’s found, Calgarians will simply lose their minds over a YYC shout-out, so thanks, Chi. Your support is appreciated, whether or not you’ve seen a game in your life.

Now if only you knew someone with millions of dollars who could contribute to our new event centre. Kardashian Stadium has an alright ring to it, don’t you think?