Summer is here! And so are backyard BBQs, picnics, chill nights and all things bright. And we have the perfect drink to make all these memorable summer days and nights even brighter. Enter: Gradient Vodka Soda.

Just ICYMI, last fall Gradient introduced Calgarians to an ingenious way of drinking. Giving modern moderation a new twist, the brand launched packs of vodka soda with decreasing strengths, or alcohol concentrations if you will. Meaning, we could go the whole night or day, without having to fear the morning after.

And the brand is now making the summer brighter and nicer for even more Canadians with their new 4-pack.

The 4-pack includes 7%, 6%, 4% and 3% strengths and is available in all three flavours — Raspberry Lemon, Cucumber Mint and Lime. The less grainy the gradient, the lower the strength. So, you can choose your Gradient depending on how bright you want the night or day to be. You’ll also find a ‘Bright Night’ party pack containing all 3 flavours in a 12-pack, perfect for chilling as a passenger on a boat or for hosting a backyard BBQ.

Photo via Curiocity

The best part is that it doesn’t hamper your summer bod plans. The delicious and refreshing drink, while rich in fruity, citrusy flavours comes with no sugar whatsoever. Oh, and it’s gluten-free, in case you were wondering.

Gradient is now available across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, so if you’re heading out for a road trip or a camping weekend, you can find Gradient along the way.

Cheers to a bright and smart summer!