Our booze bills say so, our bottle-and-can-filled recycling bins say so, official stats say so- we (yes, all of us collectively) overindulged this past year and a half.

After the past year and a half of pandemic weirdness, we find the world divided into a couple different camps. 1) Those who maybe went a little too hard and are now looking for a way to cut back, and 2) those who can’t wait for things to get back to normal, but are a bit out of practice.

So, bless the folks at Gradient, a Calgary-based, family-run vodka soda company, for giving us an ingenious solution (or 6) to some of our drinking woes.

gradient vodka soda
Photos by Curiocity

Gradient concocted our classic cocktail, the vodka soda, and locked it in aluminium for us to crack open whenever, wherever. Now here comes the ingenious part…

The vodka soda comes in a pack of 6 cans graded from dark to light, each with a different vodka strength. Depending on how bright or light you want the night to be, you’ll find a can or a combination of them to match your mood. 

Picture this: The evening’s getting late, and there’s no signs of stopping. You want to keep socializing, but you know you’re closing in on your limit. So you grab yourself a low grade Gradient Vodka Soda, so you can control your intake while still having a casual bevy. 

Sound good? We thought so, too, but it gets even better. 

Gradient has zero (zero!!!) grams of added sugar, plus no gluten, so that’s one less headache (literally) when it comes to finding a drink that works with your lifestyle.

Gradient Vodka Soda comes in three flavours-Raspberry Lemon, Cucumber Mint, and Lime– and is now available for purchase online and delivery in Calgary. Make sure you keep your eyes out for it on the shelves when you’re out and about too, ‘cause Gradient is popping up at retail stores across the city. 

For information, check out their website and follow them on IG to stay tuned on where  you can get your hands (and lips) on your newest bevy of choice. 

Ironically, our excitement levels to try the Gradient version of modern moderation are certainly not in moderation. Cheers, folks!