In case you don’t know, today (September 29th) just so happens to be National Coffee Day. While Starbucks went the traditional route of offering free coffee, Tim Hortons has gone off the wall and is dropping a very limited, very cozy-looking collection of double double-inspired sweatsuits and tees.

Today, starting at 10 am EST, Tim Hortons will be releasing a variety of clothing items and accessories. What’s more, new options will be coming out every 20 minutes until 6 pm EST, to represent Tim’s devotion to fresh pots of coffee every day, all day. The cherry on top of this Iced Capp? The event is called The Drip Drop, which is about as perfect a name for this as we could imagine.

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As for the clothing itself, there is a range of options, from comfy hoodies and sweatpants to t-shirts and travel mugs. We weren’t kidding about the inspiration- all of these items have a double-double colourway, aka a nice tonal, light brown. Fall colours, here we come!

Ready to snag some Tim Hortons clothing of your own? Head on over to The Drip Drop website right now!