Don’t end your summer on a boring note – head out and explore the beauty of our wonderful province. We have another Ontario park worth exploring and it just so happens to be the second largest in the province. Care to know where? Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park is next on our radar and here’s what to know.

About a two-hour drive east of Toronto is Kawartha Highlands Signature Site, the largest park in southern Ontario after Algonquin Provincial Park.

According to Great Lakes Guide, since the park is found on the southern part of the Canadian Shield in an undeveloped area, there is a ton of wildlife and vegetation to discover.

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Along with that, there are ample opportunities to be one with the outdoors and activities like backcountry canoeing, swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking.

If you’re an avid canoe-ist, there are six routes through the park that are perfect to explore. For stunning views, according to GLG, it’s best to explore the area by water, especially in the fall. There are also park trails to explore by foot!

And thanks to Kawartha Highlands’ clear lakes, there are plenty of opportunities for swimming throughout the park.


According to Ontario Parks, the cost of a Day Use permit depends on the time of the year whether it be on or off-season, and by park. For specific fees at Kawartha Highlands PP, check in with the team there.

Don’t let summer slip you by!

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

Where: 106 Monck Street,  Box 500 – Bancroft, ON