Ah. September 2020. We remember it like it was yesterday. To be frank, it kind of sucked – but among all of the injustice, debate and frustration, there was a light and man, was it blinding. This was the month that, to the surprise of everyone, Canadian grocery store No Frills dropped an album, aptly titled Haulin’ State of Mind which featured classics like “88 Sale,” “So Fresh,” and “Bag It Up”. What was even more shocking was that it low-key slapped, though some tough critics, like Jimmy Fallon, would disagree.

Apparently, the full-length record actually made its way over the border and onto the desk of Fallon, who during a regular segment he calls “Jimmy’s No Play List,” ragged on the fruit-friendly lyrics.

In the video below, The Tonight Show host genuinely looks confused, concerned and totally taken aback by what he was hearing.

To be honest, it’s hard to tell if he honestly had no idea that the song ‘Bananas” (which is literally about the peelable produce) was just one in a collection of deliberately ridiculous songs made by a discount supermarket.

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We’d like to think that it was an act, but who in the heck knows!

Perhaps the best part in all of this was that not long after the show had aired, the grocery chain actually clapped back – defending a line they had written about portable fruit. Take that, Jimmy. 

Luckily, in addition to one of the sassiest tweets we’ve ever seen, northern fans of Fallon did hop in to clear anything and everything up, explaining that it was just gag. Though, again, we thought that would have been obvious?

Anywho – peels and feels aside, it’s always comforting to see something so painfully (and we mean painfully) familiar and super Canadian featured on American TV shows – even if it gets mocked. After all – our country has a black belt in taking a joke.

Looks like No Frills has struck again, folks.

They are killing it in the marketing game.