It’s no secret that the Vancouver Aquarium likes to name its marine life after some pretty high-profile celebrities. Some of the big names include Bradley Grouper, Fin Diesel, Tuna Fey, Shellen DeGeneres, and Jessica Seal.

On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that aired on Tuesday, May 10th, Kimmel asked Jessica Biel whether she had gone to visit her Vancouver namesake.

Biel expressed that she had not yet been invited to the Aquarium, but would be “touched” to meet the adorable one-eyed seal that was named after her.

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The Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has even named two rescues after the royal couple: Megan Mackrel, and Prince Herring.

“I think we need to have a reunion with all of us together,” Biel joked during the interview.

It might be a stretch, but we have to agree with Jimmy on this one (even though we’re pretty sure he was being sarcastic), “It does seem like it warrants a royal visit.”

In response, the Vancouver Aquarium took to Twitter.

Until Biel can come up for a visit, stop by to say ‘hi’ to the lovely Jessica Seal the next time you’re exploring the Aquarium.

That’s all for now, Vancouver!