Full disclosure- it’s difficult to write about April Fool’s these days. Basically, we think that having rampant consumerism reaching almost absurdist levels more or less messes with the vibe of the day. Seriously, look at these April Fool’s dog shoes from Salomon and tell us they’re not just as reasonable as ‘bar scented’ candles that were actually created by Miller Lite.

But, we digress. One April Fool’s joke we actually laughed at came from Trek, and it was shot right here in Jericho Beach Park! The company decided to spoof those ‘consult your doctor’ type videos that you’re most likely to see on the Golf Channel, with some absolutely hilarious results.

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We have to give credit to the Reddit user Dehydrated-Horse for pointing this out. Otherwise, we might have just moped around all day, looking for fun April Fools stuff and not finding it.

Of course, we could have talked to our doctor about trying ‘bikes’, just to see how things go. We do have one friend who swears by it, but we don’t know how ‘natural’ their enthusiasm is, if you catch our drift.

Enjoy the day, folks!