On Thursday night, humans around the world were treated to a spectacular sight — the longest partial lunar eclipse in six centuries, lasting over 3 hours and transforming the moon into a shade of copper-red.

Even though the lunar eclipse peaked in Canada in the middle of the night (around 1 a.m. in Vancouver, 2 a.m. in Calgary and Edmonton, and 4 a.m. in Toronto, according to CBC), many eager spectators stayed up late to witness it and take photos.

From the photos already being posted, it’s clear that the late night was worth it. As you’d expect for something so rare and unique, the sky looked completely surreal.

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The glowing red sphere looked majestic above Edmonton’s skyline.

The spectacle was equally as breathtaking in Sarnia, where one photographer managed to capture a cluster of twinkling stars in the same photo.

Those who woke up early enough in Ottawa and Toronto witnessed the moon like we never have before in our lifetime.

More photos will likely get posted once those among us who forfeited their sleep start to wake up. If you couldn’t drag yourself out of bed last night to witness it, at least you can experience it through social media.