If you’re a lover of bagels and Japanese food, you may already be familiar with Japanese-style bagel flavours like the mochi cheese bagel or lemon peel and azuki bean. And if you’re not, you’re about to be, because a new bagelry concept is launching in Vancouver, bringing the most popular and unique Japanese bagel flavours & spreads to the city.

The bagels

“Japanese-style bagels are my favourite type of bagel because they are lighter and smaller in size, often with a filling, similar to another Japanese snack-favourite, the onigiri,” explains Seigo Nakamura, founder and CEO of ABURI Restaurants Canada. “They are becoming more and more popular in Japan, and there is really nothing like it in Canada yet.”

The bagelry

japanese bagels vancouver
Photo via Aburi Restaurants Canada

Enter WA-BAGEL, which joins a long list of successful ventures from ABURI Restaurants, including Miku, Minami, Gyoza Bar, and the city’s first-ever Aburi Market.

Launching in the heart of downtown on September 13th, the new bagelry will feature both sweet and savoury bagels, and a ton of classic flavours and inventive fillings. According to the release, WA-BAGEL will follow in the footsteps of its sister restaurant, WA! CURRY, as a counter service spot offering take-out and delivery options. Guests can order and dine across the hallway in the building’s spacious communal area as well.

The menu

japanese bagels vancouver
Photo via Aburi Restaurants Canada

As for the menu, visitors can look forward to trying 14 different flavours of bagels and bagel sandwiches to start, ranging from red bean paste and cream cheese to eggplant and bacon with miso and cheese. There will also be a variety of tasty beverages including coffee and tea to enjoy.

Head baker Yukiko Iikura will lead the culinary team, having founded her own popular bagel shop in Japan called Kepo Bagels.

“WA-BAGEL’s dough features the texture and aroma of mochi,” explains Iikura. “In Japan, we use many different types of flavours and fillings for our bagels, and we’ll definitely be using some very Canadian-inspired ingredients in some of our options. I’m very excited as Canada has some of the best flour in the world, and we’ll get to use it in our bagels.”

So, get ready to snack on some delicious, chewy bagels in the very near future, Vancouver.

We’ll see you there!


When: Opening September 13th, 2023
Where: 666 Burrard Street, P1 Level