Rising rap star Jack Harlow recently did an interview with the Canadian interview legend Nardwuar, and he ended up sharing his thoughts on our great nation’s cities. Specifically, the Louisville rapper thinks that “Toronto’s cool, but they ain’t Calgary”. If you need us, we’ll be picking our jaws up off the floor.

Harlow, who has seen an incredible rise to fame these past couple of years, got treated to the classic Nardwuar interview style- having crazy callbacks to his past thrown in his face, then trying to find the proper response. So, how did they get onto the topic of Calgary?

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Well, it actually was in relation to Harlow playing at the Sled Island Music Festival back in 2019.

As a matter of fact, Harlow said that “definitely no one there knew who I was” before going on to say that he just “got his vibe” and that “the people were feeling it”. So much so, that he told Drake that “Toronto’s cool, but they ain’t Calgary”. Now that’s something to say to the Six God himself.

As always, Nardwuar managed to get a quote we never would have expected from one of rap’s most prominent names right now. So, all we can say is, doot doola doot doo…