Well, well, well. After an incredibly successful 2-year pilot project, Calgary city council has announced that E-scooters will return again in 2021 and honestly, we’re not at all surprised.

Lime, Bird and Roll electric two-wheelers dominate the inner city streets in the warmer months. In fact,  according to the city’s website, Calgarians have actually taken over 19 million trips since their initial launch in 2018.

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This year, however, there will be a few tiny changes to the program, but luckily none of them will be very drastic!

Come this year’s launch, all Calgary E-scooters will have to have a highly visible identification number in order to help customers quickly report improper use  (kind of like a license plate) and each private operator will only be allowed to distribute 1,500 scooters each. See, we told you it wasn’t crazy!  

Now, we don’t know about you guys, but all this talk has us missing being able to take a leisurely riverside scoot. Unfortunately, because they haven’t announced it yet, we’re not sure when we’ll be able to hit the pavement again, but we’ll keep an eye out. Until then we’ll be waiting, wanting and hoping that it’s sooner rather than later.