We’ve all gotten used to outdoor dining at this point. Honestly, we’re big fans of it because it’s a new way to experience some of your favorite restaurants, and outdoor dining is somehow just a little extra special. Luckily, Seattle City council members feel the same.

On Monday, Seattle city council members Dan Strauss and Lorena González introduced new legislation to continue the city’s current outdoor seating program past the current end date. The continuation will allow for more outdoor plazas until May 2022 and will also include a “pathway to permanency” after the program ends. And this means that outdoor permits will be free for an extra seven months past the planned expiration of the program.

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Now after the seven months, a small fee will apply to the plaza spaces. Regardless, this change is not only good for diners but also for restaurants as well. After all, it gives them yet another and safer option to serve you as the future of dining shifts. We have to say, we hope that outdoor dining patios will become a permanent part of our city.

If you’d like to learn more about this new legislation here in Seattle you can click here. Let this article be a reminder to get out there this week and support your favorite local restaurants. After all, you might as well enjoy the beautiful weather with some perfectly paired food. Have a great week folks!