It’s the season of outdoor art in Toronto. Another interactive display is popping up in the city this month and it has delighted locals in cities all over the world. The installation, called Island of Warmth, is designed to resemble a campfire and uses movement and sound to keep its flames burning bright.

“Island of Warmth invites visitors to gather around a large fire, made of more than 150 incandescent light bulbs, an electrifying campfire that comes to life to music that is composed specially for the occasion,” the description says.

The bonfire is surrounded by sensors placed on the floor and relies on the people around it to bring it to life.

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“As they dance and jump, the visitors kindle the embers, fan the flames and send sparks flying. Flames leap and swirl, creating warmth, light, smoke, and music.”

Once you’ve experienced the Island of Warmth, you can head over to Richmond-Adelaide Centre to explore the new moonGARDEN installation. Visitors get to walk between a garden of giant spheres as they glow and transform through animated and immersive shadow theatre designs.


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There are several outdoor art exhibits to check out around the city this month, including Harbourfront Centre’s Nordic Lights display and the Winter Stations sculpture series at Toronto’s Beaches.


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Island of Warmth has travelled to cities around the globe including Changsha in China, Montreal, Detroit, and Green Bay. Next week, it will burn bright in Yonge and Dundas Square for over a month.


Where: Yonge-Dundas Square
When: February 18th — March 20th