It’s time to test your mettle and explore the limitations of reality because spooky season is upon us! For those who countdown to Halloween instead of Christmas, we just found the perfect event for you. 

Famed Canadian mentalist Jaymes White is back in Toronto with his terrifying Isabella Street Séance. To say that this event is popular is an understatement. Especially considering his séances have sold out seven years in a row!

Jaymes’ séances are well known as being one of the scariest seasonal events in Toronto. Join Jaymes White in a small group as he takes you through one of the last remaining haunted historic mansions in the city. 

Isabella Street Séance
Photos via Jaymes White

Experience a traditional Victorian séance, and prepare to question everything you thought you knew about life and death. 

You’ll be wandering through darkened halls, listening for creeks in old parlours, and trying to connect with mysteries that go bump in the night. The old mansion has a rich history spanning over 130 years. See if you can connect with any of its past inhabitants – be they spooky or benign.

There are dates available throughout the months of October and November, but bookings are limited to small groups to keep the experience intimate.  

You can join a friendly band of thrill-seeking strangers or book a private séance with 16 people you know. The experience lasts 2 hours, and if you’re really feeling daring, there are also limited Witching Hour séances that begin at 2 AM.

Jaymes’ Authentic Victorian Séance events have gained a reputation for being the scariest gatherings in Canada. Whether you’re an impassioned believer or a good-humoured skeptic, you’re not going to want to miss this year’s Isabella Street Séance. 

Isabella Street Séance
Photo via Jaymes White

Unfortunately, the historic mansion is slated for demolition next year, so this is your last chance to experience a séance at this Toronto location and connect with forces unknown.

The Isabella Street Séance begins on Friday, September 29th until Saturday, November 25th. This chilling event is not intended for children, so all guests must be 18+ to purchase a ticket. 

Get ready to test your courage and venture bravely forth to meet the unknown. Who knows? You might just come out changed.



When: Friday, September 29 to Saturday, November 25, 2023

Where: Meeting place is 640 Church Street, Toronto

Cost: $68.66 per person, group rates available