Looking for a new spot to kick back this weekend? We might have just the place! A brand new wine bar with the cheeky name ‘Is That French’ has opened up in Gastown. It’s taken over one of the more unique spaces in the city as well, so let’s check it out.

Located in Blood Alley, the wine bar stands out as a modern contemporary space in an otherwise pretty ramshackle setting. Those who’ve been around the food and drink scene for a while might recognize it- it was home to the Salt Tasting Room back in the day, but that name moved out last summer.

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And Is That French has moved in! The new venture is focusing on local BC wines, alongside a food menu celebrating the Pacific Northwest terroir. So while we might not recommend for a huge dinner out, we absolutely will say it’ll be a great place to go afterwards, or if you’re just feeling a little peckish with some pals.

But whatever you’re feeling, keep this place in mind as we roll into summer! And keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming guide to the best wine bars to check out in the city in general.

Is That French

When: Now open!
Where: 45 Blood Alley Square