The city’s most talked about picnic, Diner en Blanc, is touching down once again in Vancouver this summer. The all-white event is divisive- we’ve got some friends that really enjoy it and some that really don’t. If you get a bunch of people together it can be a fun night out, although why it works some people into a frenzy about going is maybe just not our level of understanding.

You know what would make it a lot better? If people wore something aside from an all-white Calvin Klein suit that they bought from the Bay. Here are five looks that wouldn’t get you kicked out, but would definitely turn heads.



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The cheapest option on here, the Tactical Diner knows that being outdoors should be a challenge, no matter the setting. Head to your local army surplus store and pick up a full snow camo fit, and we will award bonus points if you get a backpack as well.



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Got plans to hit up the Calgary Stampede this year? Dress up two fashion birds with one stone. Nothing like pairing some crisp white jeans with… a crisp, white shirt, a new pair of white cowboy boots, and a white cowboy hat to tie things off. Alternatively, go for more summery feel with a white dress and the boots alone. Bonus points if you show up on a white horse.

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Throw things back to Miami in the 80s. You’ve got a couple of months to troll eBay and Etsy for vintage white silk shirts and pants. Pair it with some rose-tinted sunglasses, and bring at least 3 Cuban cigars to smoke in the parking lot after your meal. Bonus points awarded for those who rent a white Ferrari Testarossa.


Our top recommendation, and undoubtedly the most expensive. We think that any piece from the Raf Simons 2002 SS collection would have even the most jaded influencer in attendance green with envy.

“What are you wearing?”

“Thanks for asking, the name of the collection is ‘Woe Unto Those Who Spit on the Fear Generation… The Wind Will Blow it Back’”


Bonus points for getting a bunch of bad prison tattoos and dying your hair ice blue.



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If you’d rather not spend 3 weeks dealing with some obscure Raf dealer out of Japan, know that many high fashion designers have embraced the all-white look this summer. Our top pick? The recent collab between Gucci and Adidas. But, we’d also point towards Jacquemus, Alaïa and Jil Sander for less, uh, bombastic options that are still rocking sky-high price tags. Bonus points are not necessary- even Paris Fashion Week VIPs would blush if they saw people rocking these out in the streets.

And there you have it, five alternatives for the classic all-white dress code that are guaranteed to blow the other Diner en Blanc Vancouver diners out of (or into) the water.