We’ve got some sweet news to share with you! This morning, a new ICBC gas rebate was announced, to help with increased prices around the province. There’s a lot of cash getting doled out, and most drivers should get their rebate automatically! Here’s a quick rundown.

In a press release, ICBC said that they’ve got a whopping $395 million earmarked to give away. And, all that money will be released in a one-time payment for customers. Most ICBC customers with a basic policy will receive $110, while commercial customers will be getting $165.

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As for the timeframe, customers that pay via direct deposit or with a credit card should expect a rebate before the end of May. If you’re still going by snail mail (good for you), then instead you should receive a cheque sometime in June.

Either way, it’s nice to know that the majority of drivers will get a little relief thanks to the ICBC gas rebate. Keep your eyes on your accounts as we move through spring and into the summer, folks.