Calgary is rich in history, but few buildings are more significant than the Hunt House.

Though it’s easy to miss, this small cabin is actually the city’s oldest building still standing on its original site and is considered one of the best examples of early architecture in Southern Alberta.

Likely built between 1876 and 1881, it’s a simple structure with a brick chimney and gable roof – exactly what you’d expect in 19th-century Wild Rose Country.

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Photo via The Deane House

According to The Heritage Resources Management Information System (HeRMIS), the Hunt House was one of several auxiliary buildings erected by the Hudson’s Bay Company after the North-West Mounted Police arrived at Fort Calgary and is one of only three still standing. 

Situated on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, this shed-like abode was likely lived in by a freighter or an interpreter and provides a “vital historic connection” to a company that helped establish the Alberta we know now.

Interested in checking it out? Next time you’re in the area, don’t hesitate!

There’s really no place like it.


The Hunt House, Calgary

Where: 9 Avenue SE #806, Calgary, AB
Time: Free