It’s inevitable, like the tide. Yesterday alone, Burnaby RCMP pulled over more than 150 cars for ‘snow-related visibility issues’ during and after the snowstorm that rocked the region. Yeah, those crazy videos shared on social media weren’t one-offs, people really do drive under blankets of snow.

According to a press release, the vast majority (125) of the drivers pulled over were let off with verbal warnings, after they had removed the excess snow from their cars. In many cases, the officers had to lend out their own snow brushes, really driving home the fact that Metro Vancouver commuters are rarely if ever, prepared for snowfall.

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Some of the more uh, intense violations resulted in tickets. These included people driving with an illegible license plate, driving without a license, and even excessive speeding. Yeah, someone was going over 100km/h in a 50km/h zone, and while we appreciate their commitment to snow rally driving, public streets are not really the place to do it.

Given that a ‘number of drivers’ knew that snow on their car was a hazard, but ‘did not want to be late getting to their destination’, we feel the need to remind all our fellow commuters that an extra 2 mins to brush off snow, even if you have to use a jacket to do it, is better than getting a ticket. At least, that’s our opinion.

Stay safe out there, folks!