Stargazing is a pastime that has long been enjoyed by people across the world. The stars that fill our sky have been here much longer than we have, making them an incredible phenomenon. Comet 2022 E3 (ZTF) is flying by earth for a spectacular event that you can’t miss. Here’s how to see the Green Comet in Seattle.

The Green Comet only comes around once every 50,000 years meaning the last time it was seen by human eyes was during the Stone Age. Its name comes from its “greenish” coma which is what gives comets their fuzzy look as they move through the night sky.

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So how do you see the Green Comet? According to EarthSky, the comet will be closest to Earth on February 1st and 2nd meaning it can be seen by the unaided eye. That being said, if you have access to binoculars or a telescope, now might just be the time to bust them out.

The best time to look for the comet is after moonset, so look to the sky in the hours before dawn. You’ll want to look northward towards the north circumpolar constellation Camelopardalis the Giraffe. We don’t expect you to know where that is in the night sky so using websites like Stellarium can be a great way to make sure you know where to look.

Keep in mind that the visibility of the comet will be weather dependent so keep your fingers crossed for clear skies. Happy stargazing!