Travel isn’t cheap and with so many expenses to pay these days, those vacation plans can start to feel like a distant dream. But, with these secret travel hacks, you could book your next getaway at a discount. If you want the low-down on how to save money on flights, these tips are straight from the experts.

Travel booking engine Expedia gave Curiocity the scoop about when airfare is cheapest throughout the week.

Apparently, purchasing airfare on a Sunday could save travellers up to 15% on domestic flights and up to 10% on international flights.

You can also save money by travelling on certain days of the week.

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“As for the day you’re actually looking to depart, flying on Friday versus the beginning of the week can save you up to 20%, with Sunday and Monday being the most expensive days, respectfully,” said Expedia to Curiocity.

To shave a good chunk of change off your vacation, Expedia suggests “bundling” your accommodations and transportation all at once.

If you book your airfare, hotel, and car rental all at once, “this can instantly unlock hundreds of dollars in savings,” says Expedia.

And any budget-savvy traveller knows all too well that rewards points are the most sure-fire way to get travel discounts.

By signing up for loyalty and frequent flier programs like an Expedia rewards membership, you’ll earn points for every booking you make, which can be redeemed as dollars off your next trip.

“Earn air miles on top of Expedia points by entering mileage plan numbers at checkout,” said Expedia.

‘It’s an easy way to double-dip and rack up travel rewards even faster.”

If you really want to do your due diligence, Google Flights released a report back in August 2022 that uses historical data to show when flights are the cheapest to book.

And you can always wait for Black Friday travel deals to drop, which practically guarantee the best discounts of the whole year.