Live in Seattle? Wondering how living here compares in cost to some of the U.S’s largest cities? A recent report from ConsumerAffairs looks at data for 125 of the largest cities in the nation, and it has broken down how much you need to earn to ‘live comfortably’ in Seattle right now.

According to the report, nearly 80% of the American population resides in an urban area, as per the U.S. Census Bureau. From employment to entertainment, many enjoy the amenities of living in a larger city. However, housing costs can be high in these areas.

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"ConsumerAffairs analyzed February 2024 rent data from Zillow for each of America’s 125 largest cities to determine the income required to live comfortably based on the federal government’s recommended 30% affordability threshold," states the report.

While Seattle was not in the 15 largest U.S. cities, it is listed as 18th in terms of size rank, and 27th in terms of affordability.

It lists the median rent in Seattle at $2,179, with the salary needed for a single adult to make ends meet is $87,146 or the hourly wage of $41.90.

New York City is listed on the top, with the highest income needed at a "whopping $135,713 per year."

"However, San Jose, California, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, isn’t far behind, at $124,293," states the report.

"Where can you find a little more cushion to cover the cost of living? Look toward the South and Southwestern U.S, specifically Texas, Florida and Arizona. More modest rents in these regions allow your paycheck to stretch a little farther," it adds.

Other areas in Washington state on the list includes Spokane, which is 98th in size rank. The median rent in Spokane is $1,470.96, with salary needed there for a single adult listed as $58,838.52, or an hourly wage of $28.29.

Just a bit further on the list is Tacoma, which has a salary required to live comfortably listed at $68,357.87, and an hourly wage of $32.86. The median rent in Tacoma is higher than Spokane at $1,708.95.

You can check out the full list of cities here.