Looking for a new place to call home? Shopping around is no easy task! Luckily, liv.rent has made it a little bit easier for those house-hunting in Alberta.

This month the rental platform revealed the parts of Calgary and Edmonton where it’s least (and the most) expensive to rent and what they found might suprise you.

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According to their report, the overall average cost of an unfurnished one-bedroom in Calgary increased by $22 between December and January, while it increased by $35 in Edmonton.


Live in the Stampede city? It’s a great time to consider a furnished unit!

At the time of publication, the average rent for an unfurnished space is $1,865 per month, while an unfurnished one-bedroom home will cost around $1,721.

In addition, those looking for the most affordable place should consider living in the Northern parts of the city.

Photo via liv.rent
Photo via liv.rent


In Edmonton, an unfurnished one-bedroom home will cost around $1,267 which, like its sister city, is up from last month.

A one-bedroom furnished, however, is down for last month – costing just $1,459.

The most affordable places to rent? If you’re looking for a place that comes fully loaded, The Southeast is what they’d recommend.

If you’d like to do your own decorating, however, the West is your quadrant.

Photo via liv.rent
Photo via liv.rent

So there you have it!

Homes certainly aren’t cheap but Wild Rose Country is still more affordable than Toronto or Vancouver, and for that, we can be thankful.

Happy house hunting and good luck, Alberta!

You’ll need it if you want to find something perfect.