When the sun is high and the trees are green, Wild Rose Country is a beaut, but it truly comes to life in the winter. In fact, some destinations, like Grotto Canyon are better seen in the colder months!

Located 10 minutes from Canmore, this action-packed trail is extra special when frozen over and even cooler if you’ve got eagle eyes!

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photo via ollytheoutlier / Shutterstock.com

To kick off your adventure, dress warm, tighten your laces and head to the Grotto Mountain day-use parking lot.

Once there walk about a kilometre to get to the narrow-walled creek bed and pay attention to the little details!

In addition to the smooth limestone walls which will get steeper and steeper along the way, you’ll also see Inuksuks and an icy waterfall – both incredible in their own right, but that’s not all!

To the left of the falls, hikers will see Hopi Pictographs which were painted between 500 and 1,000 years ago, according to Explore Canmore.

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While there, take photos, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy – then visit again for a totally different experience in the summertime!

As always be respectful, stay safe and watch your step.

It really is a spectacular place, Alberta and you won’t want to miss it.

Grotto Canyon, Alberta

Where: Grotto Canyon Trail Parking Lot, Bighorn No. 8, AB