The Honduras national soccer team got totally spooked when a drone flew above their team practice in Toronto on Tuesday. The team is preparing to face off against Canada in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers at BMO Field tonight, and they didn’t want to risk giving their opponent any advantages ahead of the game.

The team’s coaching staff decided to cut Tuesday’s practice short when the presence of a “sophisticated high-range drone” made them suspicious, reports the Honduran news outlet, Diez.

Manager Fabián Coito reportedly saw the drone at the start of practice at 6 p.m. and determined that it would be best to restart it later, without the threat of espionage.

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Team Canada’s coach John Herdman said it’s possible that someone may have been trying to take a peek at Honduras’ team practice in action. “I imagine that there’s probably a lot of people in Canada that fly drones, I’m sure […] when a big team like Honduras turn up, I’m sure people are probably interested in what they’re doing when they come into our country,” he said, according to Daily Hive.

If Canada fights its way to victory, it’ll be the first time Canada has participated in the World Cup since 1986. With 14 matches ahead, the journey will not be easy, but Herdman is confident that the team has what it takes this year.

“While we know there’s difficult games coming, very difficult matches, we can take them with a confidence that we’ve got the talent and we’ve got the spirit. And tactically we’ve been binding together,” he said to the media. “We’re going to seize the opportunity and just give it everything — like everything we’ve got.”

After the Honduras match, Team Canada will face off against the U.S. in Nashville, followed by El Salvador back at BMO Field. You can still score tickets to tonight’s game for as cheap as $57 each.