Well, folks, we thought we’d go super big for the home of the week. Because why not? After all, Washington has some pretty crazy homes on the market that deserve to be seen. And this one is a cottage core dream home located on over 126 acres on Orcas Island.

Home of the Week: 987 Hawkins Rd

home of the weekThis 5 bedrooms 3 bathroom home is just the start of this crazy property. Because it happens to be over 4,800 square feet and pretty perfect for island dwelling. After all, it has all the cottage core vibes that we would expect an island to have. So you can expect a home complete with lots of woodwork, stone, and custom ironwork.

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home of the weekBut that’s really the tip of the iceberg because this property also has 2 other homes, a barn, a woodworking shop, a garden, waterfront, and of course all that acreage. So you’re really getting a whole lot more than just a home.

home of the weekBut as you might have guessed, this home comes with a serious price tag. In fact, it’ll cost you $28 million. And that might just make this the most expensive home of the week we’ve featured. But we chalk the cost up to the sheer amount of island property you get. Because that’s pretty dang rare.

home of the weekSo if you’d like to see more of this Orcas Island home you can click here. And if you end up buying it, we’d love to come spend some time in one of the many homes. After all, you probably won’t need all that space. Or maybe you will, who knows.