Canada is renowned for its incredible scenery. From the mountains, lakes and rivers there is no place on Earth quite like it and hiking through a province like Alberta makes it easy to appreciate what we’ve got.

In fact, Wild Rose Country has some of the best trails in Canada and the U.S., according to online gambling platform Betway. 

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Using Google search data from the last 12 months, they were able to isolate the most-searched-for trails in each country, with the North’s most desired located in the Rockies.

While it was the Appalachian Trail that took the cake in the United States, the Skyline Trail in Alberta was a maple favourite.

“The Skyline Trail is the most popular hiking trail in Canada, with an average monthly Google search volume of 12,100, followed by the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail and Lake Agnes Trail,” they explained.

“The average monthly Google search volume for all 10 trails in Canada is 8,460 and as it was expected the most popular time of year to search for hiking trails is spring and summer.”

Want to get out and enjoy the fresh air sooner rather than later? There are some incredible hiking trails open in Alberta throughout the colder months, but please be careful and dress appropriately!

If, however, you’d like an overnight getaway instead, there are also several cute cabin rentals available in some of our provincial parks.

Enjoy, Alberta and happy hiking!