Wild Rose Country is spoiled for choice when it comes to scenic places to get some fresh air, but which dusty Alberta trail should you hit first this season?

Based in beautiful Canmore, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures (YMA) is one of ‘Canada’s premier providers’ of outdoor experiences in the Canadian Rockies – so who better to ask than one of their guides for a list of the very best spring hiking destinations?

Tim Ricci, an experienced mountaineer and director of operations at YMA has been all over the world and reminded us how good we’ve really got it living here.

“[In Alberta] we have the privilege of being surrounded by national parks and provincial parks – so when we travel and we go hiking, it’s protected, it’s kept pristine,” he said.

“The Rockies are a younger mountain range if you get into the geology behind it, so we’ve got big broad, sharp peaks, lots of glaciated mountains and lots of just really beautiful alpine lakes, crystal clear blue waters.”

But, which ones did Ricci claim were among the best between March and June?

He gave us a breakdown of his 5 favourite spots ahead of this sunny season.

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Tonquin Valley

Surrounded by incredible lakes and amazing alpine, the Tonquin Valley is spectacular.. and quiet!

“The Tonquin Valley is a really stunning place to be able to experience,” Ricci told Curiocity.

“I think what makes that one a little bit more unique as well, is that it feels even more remote when you’re up there.”

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Skokie Region

Located right behind Lake Louise, the Skoki region is truly something else no matter the time of year.

With sweeping views across wildflower-filled meadows, this particular circuit is perfect for springtime if you’re a beginner!

“Mount Skokie sits right behind Lake Louise in the backcountry and it’s unbelievable back there as well… As the snow melts, you get a chance to experience the alpine flowers, as they start flowering.”

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Mount Assiniboine

Straddling the borders of Alberta and British Columbia’, Mt. Assiniboine is described by YMA as “one of the finest peaks to climb in the Canadian Rockies.” Located 30 km SW of Canmore, this hike is not an easy one, but it is worth the climb – especially with a guide.

“Having the ability to go through Mount Assiniboine and travel around the Sunshine Village area and then exiting out over five days is just a spectacular experience,” said Ricci.

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The Highline Trail

Photo via Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

Located in Kananaskis, The Highline Trail is another one of Ricci’s favourites – especially if you’re into mountain climbing and long treks.

This particular trail will take you across the Ehagay Nakoda Range, which is heavily forested but offers some incredible views along the way.

“The Banff Highline Trail is a wonderful journey through the Canadian Rockies where we encounter much of the diversity to be found in these beautiful mountains,” YMA Explains on their website.

“This is one of our most popular backcountry hikes – and for good reason!”

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Moraine Lake and Lake Louise

A classic! You just can’t consider hiking in Alberta without Moraine Lake and Lake Louise crossing your mind.

Two of the most incredible places in the province, Ricci says that this one is quick and plugs one of their day hike programs since it offers a shuttle and a knowledgeable guide.

“Anybody that comes to the Rockies has seen a photo of Moraine Lake or Lake Louise,” he concluded.

“And you don’t really need, like, multiple days to do it.”

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But there you have it! 5 incredible places where you can hit a stunning Alberta trail.

If you’d like to learn more about the tours that Yamnuska Mountain Adventures offers you can visit their website now.

Now, go forth and enjoy! Spring will have come and gone before you know it.