After months of quarantining in this concrete jungle, many Torontonians are looking for a way to reconnect with nature. This awesome Ontario destination could be the answer. The Rockwood Conservation Area is loaded with lots of outdoor activities and opportunities for a little fresh air. What more could we ask for?

So the spot is only about a 1-hour drive from Toronto. It’s located just outside of Guelph, so if you’ve ever driven there, you’ve got a pretty good feel for the commute. Rockwood Conservation Area spans a whopping 1,388 acres, with a nearly 2-mile trail looping throughout. Plenty of room for social distancing, y’all!

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Along with hiking, you can also take part in a whole host of on-site activities. The area is known for its camping grounds, fishing, paddling, swimming, picnicking, and more. There are plenty of towering limestone cliffs, caves, and glacial potholes to marvel at while you’re there.

Plus, we’ve got to talk about the historic ruins of Rockwood Woolen Mills. While you’re on-site, you can check out this unique little snippet of the past. The crumbling stone walls come with their own backstory that you’ll learn all about while you’re there. Today, the spot has become a popular location for television shows, movies, and photoshoots.

Rockwood conservation area

So if you’re looking for a little nature escape, Rockwood Conservation Area should be at the top of your list. From limestone cliffs to historic ruins, this spot is anything but boring.


Where: 161 Fall St S, Rockwood, Ontario