Bittersweet news, caffeinators! As many of you will recall, January 2021 rang in far more than just the new year. It also brought the news that Starbucks would be closing around 300 locations Canada-wide, which was tough for some of us to swallow. Luckily, since they’ve started shutting things down, several local spots have actually expanded, even occupying the stores left vacant by the mega-coffee chain. One of these YYC-born cafes? Higher Ground, who just claimed the dynamo corner spot on 17th Avenue.

If you’ve never stepped foot into any of the other Higher Ground locations (Kensington or Capitol Hill) here’s a little introduction.

Higher Ground, mainly the Kensington location, is honestly one of the cities warmest and most beloved little coffee spots.

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It’s open late and makes for an amazing place to get things done, socialize, mind your own dang business, relax, people watch, or even take a first date.

They’ve got a super lengthy menu and pride themselves on being 100% organic, fair trade & rainforest alliance certified. Amazing right? 

They’re incredibly community-oriented and genuinely care about their partners and their customers, all of which are fantastic, and now… they’re taking over! Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when exactly they’ll be opening their new location, but we’ll be on the edges of our seats waiting for the big day!


When: TBA
Where: 715 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Highergroundcafe