Now, we’re certainly not trying to put sweet angel babies against one another, but it’s a matter of fact that for some, there is a little bit of favouritism when it comes to pets. Whether it’s size, snout, coat, or activity level, puppy parents chose their best friend for a reason. Maybe over the last year, you adopted a husky because you had space and wanted a nugget that could keep up with you. Perhaps (like us) you took in that chihuahua mix because he matched your nervous energy and connected with you on a deeper level. Whatever the reason, the kind of dog that you gravitate towards can be extremely telling of what kind of person you are – which is why we find the newly released list of top breeds in Calgary so fascinating.

According to data released by city officials, as of April 2021, there were a whopping 91,568 dogs registered in Calgary (most of which can be found in the communities of Tuscany, Cranston, Mckenzie Towne, Mckenzie Lake and Auburn Bay), which is insane. Especially considering that there are only 34,961 people with a license to own a cat.

What was even more surprising, was that the table didn’t actually show an influx of adoptions over the last year like many of us assumed was the case due to the pandemic.

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Photo Via Sara Kurfeß Unsplash

Instead, what it did show was that the following are the most popular breeds of dog in Calgary:

    1. Labrador Retriever (10,609)
    2. German Sheppard (6,435)
    3. Golden Retriever (4,606)
    4. Border Collie (3,711)
    5. Shih Tzu (3,549)
    6. Yorkshire Terrier (3,238)
    7. Chihuahua (3,157)
    8. Bichon Frise (3,014)
    9. Australian Sheppard (2,232)
    10. Cocker Spaniel (2,217)

The least popular breeds? Well, with only 114 in the entire city, Japanese Chin – known for having some of the most beautiful hair you’ll ever see on a dog – was actually tied with the Dauchhound for most rare, followed by Italian Greyhounds (115) and Bouvier Flandres (123).

Eye-opening – no? Now we want to know! Did any of these really surprise, delight, or teach you anything about your neighbours – or are you just a cat person? Comment on our socials and tell us where you land!