Based on their story, alt-pop duo, Tegan and Sara have begun pre-production for High School, a brand new TV series that will give fans a look into what it was like to be a teenager in the 90s – and Calgary is expected to get a whole lot of screen time.

According to ACTRA Alberta, the musically-inclined twins will be in town between March 21st to June 2nd shooting their coming of age story, which is based on the best-selling memoir they wrote of the same name.

Expected to premiere on Amazon’s IMDb TV, High School will detail life before the award shows and tours – when the pair just started making music and were learning to get along.

“We hated each other, we used to beat the crap out of each other all the time, we never really talked,” they told Stephen Colbert in an interview back in 2019 before explaining that music was what brought them together.

“In a way, we talked about ourselves to each other through music. I would write a song and I think it gave Tegan an idea of where I was at mental and emotionally.”

While it’s unclear if Crescent Heights, where they attended grades 10-12 will actually be used as a set for the show, we can expect a ton of references to life in Calgary and the 90s – which will be insanely cool.

“The newness of this experience, and Calgary’s role as a central character in the story, made me see every detail of the city with a fresh perspective.” Tegan wrote in a recent blog post about kicking off pre-production.


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“Imagining the people who might discover us and our hometown because of High School made every detail of the city pop. It reminded me how much a song can change when I listen to it with someone who’s never heard it before. ”

Sadly, as of right now – the duo has yet to release a cast list for the High School TV series, or a release date but it’ll only be a matter of time!

Until then, keep an eye out, Calgary! You never know who you might see in and around the city!